Tax laws, these days, are becoming very complicated making even somewhat easy tax returns overwhelming when preparing them on your own. Without the assistance of a professional you may completely miss many credits and deductions which you are entitled to, when filing an individual tax return or small business tax returns. It makes no difference whether your individual tax returns are easy or very difficult, our clients receive assurance, knowing that their tax returns have been handled by experienced and highly knowledgeable tax professionals. We make sure to prepare your tax returns with the goal and focus of saving you the most in Utah State and federal income tax possible.   After thoroughly researching, we are sure to utilitze every business and personal tax deduction, credit, and adjustment that you are legally allowed to claim. When filing tax returns for married taxpayers, we make sure to also compare your tax return to see whether you are indeed paying lower taxes by filing jointly rather than separate tax returns, and adjust the filing status on the tax return accordingly.

Electronic Filing

At Butler Tax & Accounting, there is no extra charge for electronic tax return filing. We file almost all returns for most Salt Lake Valley residents electronically, getting your refund to you as quickly as possible, as well as eliminating many human / data-entry mistakes too.

Prior Years Tax Returns

If you have not filed your tax returns for years prior to 2010, we will help you get compliant with the IRS by getting your delinquent tax returns filed right away. The faster we get these previous year tax returns filed for you, the more we can help you to avoid unnecessary interest and penalties in the future from Utah State and the IRS.

Out-of-State Returns & Part-Year Resident Returns

Butler Tax & Accounting prepares tax returns for clients who live in Salt Lake City, in other cities in Utah and even many other areas of the country. We are able to prepare tax returns for any state a client needs us to file in.  Your tax returns can be complex if you have moved from or to a different state, or have even worked a portion of the time in any other state.  We make sure to calculate all possible credits, deductions, and every potential option to make sure that our clients never pay more than the lowest federal and state taxes necessary.

Tax Withholding and Estimated Tax Calculations

When we prepare your tax return, we also make sure that the amount your employer is withholding for federal and state taxes is adequate enough that you will not end up owing a large tax bill when the year is over. For those that have income that is not subject to withholding or are self-employed, we will also calculate the amount of estimated tax payments that may be necessary in order to avoid penalties when you file your tax return.

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