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Preparing a tax return for a trust or an estate?  Easy!  Join with the other 54,670,000 Americans that found trust and estate accounting a piece of cake with the help of a trusted and experienced accounting professional!  Don't let trusts or estate tax preparation get you confused and overwhelmed.  Call Butler Tax & Accounting right away and make your estate and trust accounting burdens practically disappear.  Salt Lake City and many other Utah residents have been trusting their estate accounting to Butler for over 44 years. 

Today's tax laws are confusing and ever-changing for trusts and estates.  Allow us to file these returns for you;  We will make sure you don't miss or overlook any potential credits, deductions, or any possible tax benefits.  We stay on top of the laws, guidelines and regulations that confuse most people and are ready to begin suggesting possibilities and options you may never have known existed.  Don't overpay on your estate and trust taxes because you are unaware of the resources available to you.  Call the experts.  Save yourself time and money.

You will receive these things...

  • Your tax return will be reviewed multiple times by your trust and estate accounting specialist, and yet again by our computer system that is used to identify possible red flags the IRS may choose to review more closely and will also review the calculations so you won't need to have more contact with the IRS than necessary.
  • Your refund will be in your hand more quickly because your estate and trust returns will be filed electronically.
  • Our staff will teach you potential credits and deductions you may be unaware of to help lessen your tax liability for years to come. Also, you will receive a quick reference sheet containing typically overlooked tax deductions in an additional effort to limit next year's taxes owed.

Does your estate or trust need a bookkeeping cleanup?
If you have a trust or an estate and are not able to make heads or tails of your bookkeeping, we can help you with this too!  We can get your books in order for the year, accurately compose a Schedule C based on your estate or trust accounting, as well as complete your personal tax return. As if this isn't enough, we help devise a system that is easy and custom to your situation that will allow your trust and estate accounting to be easily organized for lessened headache come tax time next year!  You can't go wrong with Salt Lake City's finest trust and estate accounting.  Call us to schedule your bookkeeping cleanup today.

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